I'm Melting...........

OMG I am SO hot!!! My poor little window unit is just not cutting it. Our temps? 97 degrees with a heat index of 113. Ugh.

It's too hot to cook. Or knit. Or stitch. Or even to exist.....

Tuscany Italy is 70. Nice. Sydney Australia is 59. Better!! If I can't be cool, I can travel vicariously thru Weather Underground.

And yet there are those who ENJOY the heat!

But it's a DRY heat.

No Saturday sky, it's too hot to leave the house


Anonymous said…
I couldn't believe that Steve wanted the top down on the car today. YIKES!

However, since it's been under repair the last month, I indulged him and took my big bottle of water along. LOL
Susan said…
Don't you have central air?
Gnat said…
Agree!! It's so hot I don't even want to look at outside!

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