Saturday Scorcher!!!!

Doesn't the weather LOOK pretty?

However according to the thermometer, it is 94 with a heat index of 109. Blech.

So here I sit with a movie on in my bedroom trying to stay cool. I tried opening the blinds to let in some light, but you could feel the heat thru the glass so the blinds went back down.

Even with the heat, some knitting is going on.

This will eventually be a sweater for Baby Girl. It's a cotton/acrylic blend that feels like a nice cotton so I'm really enjoying knitting with it. It can be a bit splitty in parts, but nothing major. The pattern I'm using is from a Family Circle Easy Knitting magazine, doesn't list the year, but it's a basic cardigan which I like. Nothing fancy, the yarn does all the work.

Hope everybody is staying cool. I know it's been really hot for you guys up in the NE area and while I have an a/c to help with the heat, many of you guys don't. I think a trip to the mall or a theatre is in order for the heat of the day!

Keep that a/c cranked! I've found the perfect spot to stay cool.......


Dee said…
I can vouch for how hot it was in the northeast! YIKES! It melted the bumper-pad on the door of the rental car right off. LOL

The nights weren't so bad though. It did have the good sense to cool down a little bit.

I'm thinking theater too --- have to see Despicable Me.
Zonda said…
Hehe..that kitty knows where it's cool. Yeah, hiding inside here as well!! Stay cool!
Knittymuggins said…
Love the new knitting for Baby Girl! So sorry it's so hot :( We have had a little heat wave here too, but thankfully it's cooled off over the last couple days. Nothing like what you've been having, but certainly hotter than usual!


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