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Sunday Stitching

This year seems to be the year for milestone anniversaries. I just came back from celebrating our friends' 40th anniversary and September will be one of my sil's 25th anniversary. Another sil is putting together a memory album. She's having us collect pictures of them together ~plus~ put together a page for the album. Something creative. I was going to pass on the page until I found out that I was the only one of the siblings that was.

What to do??

How abt a quick but pretty cross stitch?? I remember that I had an anniversary project of some roses with the year underneath it. After a little searching I found the magazine it was in, but I also found another project I wanted to do instead. What do you think?

I really like it. For those that cross stitch, do you recognize the magazine?

It's an old one too!!

I'll attach it to a card stock page for the album and mail it off. It needs to be done by the end of the week which doesn't leave me a lot of time…

Old Friends and New Beginnings.

It's been a bit hectic here at Happy Acres. School is in session and we are getting used to our new schedules. Here are the rugrats on their first day of school.

Baby Girl and #1 Son are in different schools this year which makes it quite interesting for me in the mornings and afternoons. I foresee a lot of knitting time while I'm waiting in line.

The last wknd before school started had the IO and I here.

Our good friends were having their 40th anniversary and their daughter was throwing them a party. And what a party it was!!! It was like a wedding reception and high school reunion rolled into one. Great food and great music made for a fabulous time! She had brunch at her house the next day and we got to hang out a bit more before parental duties kicked in. We had to leave in the afternoon to get home in time to pick up the rugrats from my sister's house and in bed for school the next day. It was HARD to leave. Seeing all my old friends really made me miss them, but a lot of…
At the beginning of summer break, I had high hopes. I would sew more. I would organize closets. I would redo the crafting room. And every summer I never do it. It's too hot. Or we have plans with friends. Or I get distracted by a new game on Facebook.

Or my favorite. Idoe Wanna. Idoe Wanna is the reason why my kitchen is in a constant state of disarray. Or why the closets never got done. One day I walked into the kitchen and just stared. SO much to do and guess what? Idoe Wanna raised it's ugly head and I stood in the middle of the kitchen and said Idoe Wanna over and over again. At first the kids looked at me like I was nuts, but then they started to laugh.

Apparently it's funny to watch Mommy lose her mind.

Between recovering from the end of the school year, having rugrats at home and having center of the earth heat, I really don't get a lot done during the summer months. We have no daily schedule so we sort of coast into the day and mellow out as the …

One Week From Today

Saturday sky on a Sunday afternoon.

I took it just after coming home from the last of the school shopping. Supplies have been bought, new clothes are hanging up. Ballet is set to start in a month. The only thing left is signing up for another year of gymnastics. I find it esp important this year considering this will be the only exercise #1 Son will get. We got his schedule and he has no PE. This amazes me. I thought by law they had to have PE. Maybe that's just elementary schools. Either way we will get him some exercise.

Meanwhile we have one more week of summer vacation to enjoy.

One week from today we will be laying out clothes for the first day of school.

One week from today we will be organizing back packs with brand new school supplies.

One week from today we will be going to bed early.

One week from tomorrow I will be sitting in a Starbucks having a cup of coffee enjoying the quiet!

There's a Reason You Shouldn't Buy Cheap Batteries

Target had some batteries on clearance and since I go thru them like crazy here at Happy Acres, I bought some.

(insert picture of an adorable Princess kitty sleeping here)

The first pack of AA batteries lasted abt a week. Hmmm. That was quick. Maybe they were a bad batch.

(insert picture of newly acquired yarn here)

So I put in the second pkg and they lasted abt three days.

(insert unhappy customer here)

The third package will be going back today when I pick up a fresh pack.

(insert saved Tiger picture here)

(the thin pencil mark shows what's left of her booboo; freshly grown in hair)

What did I just do?!!?

I am a couch potato. I really am. I'm also overweight. I've been this way since I had Baby Girl. There just has been too much stuff with small children and a husband with health and work issues to do much with losing weight. I'm a stress eater. And there has been stress!

So what do I do when I see a flyer for a local gym's special?? I throw it out naturally! However this puts a bee in the IO's bonnet and for abt a month now he's talked abt joining.

So it's official. We've joined a gym.


Thankfully the contract is only for 6 months so if we're not happy we can quit w/o any financial repercussions.

I go for my personal trainer consult tonight, learn the machines, etc. Can I tell you I have nothing to wear??? I have no work out clothes. My sneakers are OLD. I did buy a new pair over the wknd, but didn't try them on. They don't fit so back they go.

I am nervous. I am worried that I weigh more than I think and that I'm in worse shape than I a…

Actual Knitting Content

I've been itching to knit on some socks, but I wanted to finish off the back on Baby Girl's sweater.


Now this is where I usually get hung up. I know there are a lot of you out there that like to start projects. I'm not one of them. I like the process of knitting on the main part of a project. The area that some of you get bored out of your minds with. That's the part that I find very soothing. Once I finished the back of the sweater, I only had the kitty blanket to work on. Not gonna happen in this heat so it was time to start some projects. I couldnt find my info on the sweater so instead I started two pairs of socks.

The 2nd sock for #1 Son

and I started a pair of short cuffs for me.

I worked on these last night and I'm at the point where I can start on the heel. These should go fast!! I'm enjoying the little bits of color in the yarn and am surprised I haven't pulled it out sooner to work on. This is what happens when you have a stash of ya…