At the beginning of summer break, I had high hopes. I would sew more. I would organize closets. I would redo the crafting room. And every summer I never do it. It's too hot. Or we have plans with friends. Or I get distracted by a new game on Facebook.

Or my favorite. Idoe Wanna. Idoe Wanna is the reason why my kitchen is in a constant state of disarray. Or why the closets never got done. One day I walked into the kitchen and just stared. SO much to do and guess what? Idoe Wanna raised it's ugly head and I stood in the middle of the kitchen and said Idoe Wanna over and over again. At first the kids looked at me like I was nuts, but then they started to laugh.

Apparently it's funny to watch Mommy lose her mind.

Between recovering from the end of the school year, having rugrats at home and having center of the earth heat, I really don't get a lot done during the summer months. We have no daily schedule so we sort of coast into the day and mellow out as the day wears on. This has been an especially bad summer since I didn't even get that much knitting done! (I blame the heat and Idoe Wanna)

So with only a week left of summer, I of course want to cram everything in. Only the knitting is winning out.

Last night I finished the front right section of Baby Girl's sweater.

Since it was late and I didn't feel like casting on for the front left section, I worked a bit more on #1 Son's sock.

I'm abt 2 inches into his cuff.

AND I have something to show that I haven't shown in awhile. STASH!

This is Dream in Color Smooshy that I got from Simply Sock Company. Allison posted on her blog that Dream in Color is having a Dream Club, a monthly sock club that you can participate in when YOU want to, not buying three months worth and hoping you like what you get. What really sold me on the yarn (other than I've been wanting to try Smooshy for awhile) was the hat. I really like the hat and will probably start it once I have a pair of socks done.

Uh oh. I feel Idoe Wanna starting to lift her ugly head. She says the heat index is already 106 and it's gonna get hotter. I better lie down and let it pass.....


Gnat said…
Good luck getting the things you want to in. :) I get that Ido wannna too! :)
Susan said…
Idoe wanna - love it! I wouldn't get a darn thing done in that kind of heat either.
Knittymuggins said…
Hee hee! I LOVE that! Idoe Wanna hangs out at my house a lot too. Between Idoe and my little guy, nothing much gets done around here!

Thanks for mentioning the Dream Club. It sounds like something I would really like. I'll have to go check out that blog post you mentioned.

Oh and I love the new look for the bloggy :)

Sandie Knapp said…
Yummy yarn

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