Old Friends and New Beginnings.

It's been a bit hectic here at Happy Acres. School is in session and we are getting used to our new schedules. Here are the rugrats on their first day of school.

Baby Girl and #1 Son are in different schools this year which makes it quite interesting for me in the mornings and afternoons. I foresee a lot of knitting time while I'm waiting in line.

The last wknd before school started had the IO and I here.

Our good friends were having their 40th anniversary and their daughter was throwing them a party. And what a party it was!!! It was like a wedding reception and high school reunion rolled into one. Great food and great music made for a fabulous time! She had brunch at her house the next day and we got to hang out a bit more before parental duties kicked in. We had to leave in the afternoon to get home in time to pick up the rugrats from my sister's house and in bed for school the next day. It was HARD to leave. Seeing all my old friends really made me miss them, but a lot of us don't live there anymore so it makes me really appreciate our time together.

And when we got back I had a cat that would NOT leave my side!

You can never leave again!


Anonymous said…
Awwwwwww...did Hemi miss his Mama?
Susan said…
Dan is back to school today and the kids start on Monday. Where did the summer go?
Knittymuggins said…
I agree - where did the summer go???? The kids are darling and I hope they (and you) are adjusting to the new school year :)

Glad you got to reconnect with old friends and have a little trip to close out the summer :)

Anonymous said…
So glad you had such a nice time at the anniversary celebration.

The kids look great. Do they not have buses to take the kids off to school? We live so far in the country everyone rides a school bus.

I'm glad to Hemi made sure you knew how important you are to him. It's not only dogs that miss their masters. LOL :)

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