One Week From Today

Saturday sky on a Sunday afternoon.

I took it just after coming home from the last of the school shopping. Supplies have been bought, new clothes are hanging up. Ballet is set to start in a month. The only thing left is signing up for another year of gymnastics. I find it esp important this year considering this will be the only exercise #1 Son will get. We got his schedule and he has no PE. This amazes me. I thought by law they had to have PE. Maybe that's just elementary schools. Either way we will get him some exercise.

Meanwhile we have one more week of summer vacation to enjoy.

One week from today we will be laying out clothes for the first day of school.

One week from today we will be organizing back packs with brand new school supplies.

One week from today we will be going to bed early.

One week from tomorrow I will be sitting in a Starbucks having a cup of coffee enjoying the quiet!


SusieH said…
WOW, they start early :) Kiddoes here go back on Sep 6th, I think.

I am stunned about the PE. That's just crazypants. D. has actually got more uniform requirements for PE than for school clothes, it seems:) Needs school rugby shirt, track pants, shorts, white gym shirt, purple soccer socks, new soccer cleats [cos his feet have grown AGAIN]and sneaks. Which we got last week. So, yeah, they still have gym here.3 days a week, I believe...
Anonymous said…
Take a couple of peaceful sips for me.

Wishing your kids a great year at school!
VCFibers said…
I used to teach in a middle school and they're only required to have 1 nine weeks per year of PE. This is usually because there are so many kids in middle school (sometimes as many as 3 elementary schools will feed 1 middle school). Most will try to give kids 2 nine weeks of PE but if they take a fine arts program (like band or orchestra) that often doesn't work out for them. It is crazy pants but just remember in high school they only have to take 1 semester of PE for the entire 4 years. Oh, and we still made the kids buy a full PE uniform.

I know you're looking forward to the first day of school though! Enjoy it!

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