Sunday Stitching

This year seems to be the year for milestone anniversaries. I just came back from celebrating our friends' 40th anniversary and September will be one of my sil's 25th anniversary. Another sil is putting together a memory album. She's having us collect pictures of them together ~plus~ put together a page for the album. Something creative. I was going to pass on the page until I found out that I was the only one of the siblings that was.

What to do??

How abt a quick but pretty cross stitch?? I remember that I had an anniversary project of some roses with the year underneath it. After a little searching I found the magazine it was in, but I also found another project I wanted to do instead. What do you think?

I really like it. For those that cross stitch, do you recognize the magazine?

It's an old one too!!

I'll attach it to a card stock page for the album and mail it off. It needs to be done by the end of the week which doesn't leave me a lot of time. I already have all the supplies put together and will probably start it once this post is complete.

Since I did take one yesterday, here is what my Saturday sky looked like.

I was all set to sit down and post abt it, until #1 Son *needed* the computer. What a mom will sacrifice for the sake of her children!!!


Dee said…
I think I had that issue. LOL The rose looks familiar.

I really had a major cleanout a couple of weeks ago. Someone at Goodwill will have a good time. LOL
Susan said…
I like them both.
Life's a Stitch said…
We went to a friends' 50th anniversary recently. She was married at 19 and is my best friend's 12 years older sister. Still, a 50th in our generation!

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