What did I just do?!!?

I am a couch potato. I really am. I'm also overweight. I've been this way since I had Baby Girl. There just has been too much stuff with small children and a husband with health and work issues to do much with losing weight. I'm a stress eater. And there has been stress!

So what do I do when I see a flyer for a local gym's special?? I throw it out naturally! However this puts a bee in the IO's bonnet and for abt a month now he's talked abt joining.

So it's official. We've joined a gym.


Thankfully the contract is only for 6 months so if we're not happy we can quit w/o any financial repercussions.

I go for my personal trainer consult tonight, learn the machines, etc. Can I tell you I have nothing to wear??? I have no work out clothes. My sneakers are OLD. I did buy a new pair over the wknd, but didn't try them on. They don't fit so back they go.

I am nervous. I am worried that I weigh more than I think and that I'm in worse shape than I anticipate. And that because of both I will be chastised. Like being yelled at for not flossing enough when you go to the dentist.

Then again they do have a room that is dark where they show movies. I can sit and step or ride while watching tv. Plus Pilates and Zumba. Stretching and dancing always interest me more than working on a machine.

We'll see. Did I mention I was nervous?

This better not affect MY feeding schedule.


Anonymous said…
Way to go, Lynn! I'm so happy for you!

They don't chastise --- they encourage. If they don't, look for a different trainer.

If you need any encouragement just give a yell! I'm always there.

What gym did you join?
VCFibers said…
You can do it! Just remember that if you don't do something now you will regret it later when you're not able to do anything about it. And a personal trainer is a great way to start. Accountability always helps me stay on track.
Karen said…
This is awesome news!!! Good for you! I hope your first session goes well and that you really love it. I would the the Personal Trainers job is to be supportive and helpful - not to judge and chastise. But on the off chance that they do, use it to light a fire under you to WORK OUT - then go back and give them a good smack down with your toned, strong arms!! :)
Ruth in So. MD said…
How did it go?

I've been collecting exercise clothes lately in preparation for exercising. So far I've only been walking for 20 minutes, but I'm going to break into a jog one of these days!

My kids keep asking when I'm actually going to be using the clothes. Well.....

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