Thursday, September 30, 2010

As Promised

The best part?? It fits!!

Barely, but it does.

She'll wear it this winter, but it might be too small by March. She has entered that age where I need to find smaller adult sizes because there aren't many cute designs for pre teens. Cute being the operative word.

Baby Girl Sweater

Family Circle Easy Knitting Spring/Summer 2006
Child's Cardigan Sized 10
Designed by Ann E Smith
Reynolds Santana Col 21 Lot 07 (7 skeins used)
Date start: 7/5/10
Date end (including seaming together): 9/29/10
Yarn used up: 10.8oz / 626yds

The only change I made was going up a needle size (to a 9) and I left off the posy closure. (she didn't want it)

It's funny, now that it's finished, I want to start another sweater!!! I haven't touched my colinette sock and I'm on the heel of sock #2 for #1 Son's pair. I've left that one in the car. I'm finding myself in the car waiting a lot more now and I've had nothing to work on. As a knitter, that's just wrong!!


Gnat said...

it looks great!!!!

Dee said...

That is JUST wrong. You need to plan better my friend.

But, the sweater --- just awesome. Baby girl (can we STILL call her Baby?) looks great in her new cardi.

Sandie Knapp said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! It's gorgeous as well as a perfect fit! Be very proud my friend, I know Baby Girl is.


Grace said...

beautiful sweater!!