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Kitty Thursdays


Is that the can opener?

Do I smell tuna??

Whadya mean there's none left?


Relief is in Sight!

I was hoping we were done with 90 degree days. Lets hope this is it!

BTW Happy Marty McFly Day!!!

Saturday Stashing

Nope, not buying, but purging. The floor of my walk-in closet has turned into a dumping ground of bags, totes, shoes, scrapbooks and other various items. I can't find anything. My chaos is usually a controlled chaos, but when I can't find a particular yarn I want to knit with, well THAT's when it's time to clean things out.

Since I had the yarn out, I decided I might as well post it on Ravelry. I've discovered a lot abt my stash.....I can't say no to a great sale. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but now I'm stuck with some yarn that I will never use. Since I've been knitting for awhile, I've discovered yarns I don't like working with (single ply yarns) and I've also discovered there are yarns that I have a reaction to. In fact while I was going thru this particular bucket, my throat and eyes were getting itchy. Yep, it was alpaca. I love the softness of it, even have a pair of socks made from it, but I can't seem to knit w…

Feline Living at Happy Acres

WE should have it so good!!!

In the Name of Simplification

We've had a few changes here at Happy Acres, things that should make life a bit easier. First and foremost, the IO is gainfully employed!! Its a 3 month contract that *should* become permanent. I say should instead of will just because we've become so cynical when it comes to his employment. Either way, the man is working which makes us both very happy!

Second, after 5 years of ballet, Baby Girl has decided to take a break. She still loves to dance, but it's become a real rush to get home, grab a snack, change and head back out the door. It's a mixed bag of emotions with this decision, we've known these people for 5 years and it's hard to say goodbye. However, today we are not rushing around trying to get to class which is quite nice. Since we are heading into the holiday season, we're holding off deciding what to do next, but I think both kids will be back in gymnastics come the new year.

I don't have as much on my calendar right now and it feels…


#1 Son's socks are finished!! Hurray!

And they even fit!!! Double hurray!!!

These socks have been on the needles since November of last year. I cast on back in November using a Twin Rib Stitch. When you couldnt see the pattern I switched over to straight stockinette stitch, but I wasn't loving it. Out it came. I started again in Feb but only did abt 6 rows using a 3x1 rib. It sat while I worked on other projects, not to be touched again until May. This is when I consider the beginning of the sock project. Here are the rest of the details:

Kroy FX Socks for #1 Son

Sock #1: 5/2/10 - 6/20/10
Sock #2: 8/2/10 - 10/13/10

Yarn used: Patons Kroy FX color #57242 Clover dye lot: 210979

Cast on 60 stitches using size 2 needle. 3x1 rib for 3.25" then stst for 3/4" (total 4" cuff). Heel=32 rows and foot length 7.25" before toe decreases.

#1 Son LOVES the socks. The colors are wild but not *too* funky. While I wasn't planning on matching these socks, I'…

Too Small Saturday

We've had some gorgeous weather this past week!

50s at night and low 80s during the day. I've been able to shut the a/c off and air the house out in the mornings and it's been wonderful! Today was the hottest in the past 5 or so days, it was 88.

As long as we stay below 90, I'm a happy girl!!!


So I'm knitting along on #1 Son's sock and I'm abt to decrease for the toes. Thankfully I did remember that I finished the first sock a few months ago and that this child now wears the same size shoe I do (and he's not even 12) so I decided to have him try on the finished sock. Well he could barely get it on. He has a VERY wide foot and even though once it was on it was *ok*, it was obviously tight. So instead I will be adding an extra 3/4" to his sock and ripping out the toe on the other sock to extend it as well. I dread the thought of it since I have a tough time picking up tiny sock stitches. I can, I just don…

Taking the Day Off

While I love helping out my friends and love being a mom, there are times when it just needs to be abt me. My stitching friends were meeting up today and while I SHOULD have stayed home and get caught up on dishes and clean out the car from this past wknd, I decided that I needed a day off and went. I am SO glad I did!!!

We met in Starbucks and got to sit and stitch/knit for a couple of hours. OH was that nice! I got to catch up with friends I haven't seen in months. I worked on #1 Son's sock; I'm in the home stretch, finished off the gusset and knitting the foot.

It's a bit blurry, but shows the true colors of the sock. It's a bit strange, I'm using the 2nd ball of the same color and dye lot, but this sock is definitely looking different than the first. While I wasn't planning exact socks, these socks will be very different. Thankfully #1 Son will not care one bit.

Lunch was at Yellow Dog Eats a really cool restaurant that Dee recommended. The owner is quirky…

It's beginning to feel a lot like Fall!

It was 60 degrees for our educational commute this morning and it was wonderful!!! There are no 9s in our weather forecast for the week. In fact the 9s are now 6s. Highs are in the 80s, lows in the 60s. NICE!

So what's going on here at Happy Acres??

Friday was a carnival at Baby Girl's school. It was a fundraiser which is normally a walk-a-thon

but this year they switched it up to a carnival

including dunking the coaches.

It turned out really nice. MUCH better than the original idea planned.

Injury of the day? I forgot sunscreen and my face and the back of my neck got really red.

Saturday was a surprise wedding shower.

We squeezed 60+ people in a place that holds 45. It was tight, but we did it and it turned out really nice. Baby Girl was thrilled to hand out the favors.

Injury of the day? Matching thumb cuts.

Denise cut hers first when she was slicing up fruit. As she was getting a band-aid, I took over. I was doing fine until I tried a fancy chef move. That's what I …