In the Name of Simplification

We've had a few changes here at Happy Acres, things that should make life a bit easier. First and foremost, the IO is gainfully employed!! Its a 3 month contract that *should* become permanent. I say should instead of will just because we've become so cynical when it comes to his employment. Either way, the man is working which makes us both very happy!

Second, after 5 years of ballet, Baby Girl has decided to take a break. She still loves to dance, but it's become a real rush to get home, grab a snack, change and head back out the door. It's a mixed bag of emotions with this decision, we've known these people for 5 years and it's hard to say goodbye. However, today we are not rushing around trying to get to class which is quite nice. Since we are heading into the holiday season, we're holding off deciding what to do next, but I think both kids will be back in gymnastics come the new year.

I don't have as much on my calendar right now and it feels a bit weird. My p/t job has come to a bit of a stand still. My friend's wedding is gearing up but since its all inclusive at a country club, there isn't that much for me to help with. I've decided that I need to take this opportunity to get myself organized and get some things done that have been on hold. Like paint the kids' bathroom. Or finish moving #1 Son into his new bedroom. Maybe organize (and paint)the craft room so that I can move all stash into one room. A fall cleaning would be good too. I definitely get more done in my head than in real life, but I *do* need to take advantage of this downtime because I know it wont last long.

In fact I've probably jinxed myself by bringing it up.......

One thing that does seem to work for me is keeping a sock in the car to work on while waiting in line for kid pick up.

I'm not getting much done

but I am working a few rows here and there.

All I have on the needles right now is this sock and that poor kitty blanket I started way back when. I'm feeling the need to start a new project soon, and I'm itching to start a cowl. I think I need to go thru some yarn to see who wants to come out to play.....


Jacki said…
Congrats on IO's job!!
Kris said…
Sad that I won't see you at ballet but understand that if it ain't workin', it ain't workin'. Based on AG's recent comments, I'm wondering if she'll be done this year. She's not too keen on the fact that the current teacher actually expects her to.... ya know.... work. :-)

Congrats on the job. We once had an 11 months lay off here so I know the relief (and the ability to sleep) that a new job brings.
Dee said…
Congrats to IO on the job.

Well, ya know ... if ya ain't busy I know a bookstore with empty chairs.
Sandie Knapp said…
I try to keep socks in the car at all times too. They really do come in handy when stuck waiting for anything. I like your son's socks. Very nice colorway too, IMHO. Glad they fit so well, as I am sure he agrees.

Congratulations on IO getting a job, and I hope it goes well and becomes permanent. I understand the doubts. In these days, nothing is written in stone.

Take care and enjoy. :)
Chris said…
Excellent news about IO's job!

Pretty socks, too.

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