Saturday Stashing

Nope, not buying, but purging. The floor of my walk-in closet has turned into a dumping ground of bags, totes, shoes, scrapbooks and other various items. I can't find anything. My chaos is usually a controlled chaos, but when I can't find a particular yarn I want to knit with, well THAT's when it's time to clean things out.

Since I had the yarn out, I decided I might as well post it on Ravelry. I've discovered a lot abt my stash.....I can't say no to a great sale. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but now I'm stuck with some yarn that I will never use. Since I've been knitting for awhile, I've discovered yarns I don't like working with (single ply yarns) and I've also discovered there are yarns that I have a reaction to. In fact while I was going thru this particular bucket, my throat and eyes were getting itchy. Yep, it was alpaca. I love the softness of it, even have a pair of socks made from it, but I can't seem to knit with it. I react the same way to angora. Some yarns will be sold on eBay, but I'll keep a few back for any give aways I may decide to have on this blog. It's not much, but enough to thin the stash out a bit. And of course NONE of it is sock yarn!!!

Meanwhile yesterday I started another project, this time a hat.

I got this back in August from Simply Socks Yarn Company. They are hosting the Dream In Color Dream Club, a monthly yarn club that allows you to purchase what you want instead of committing to purchase 3 months of yarn you may or may not like. It came with a free hat pattern and I finally cast on last night. I am loving it, but I need to get different needles. I'm using size 3 dpns and as you can tell from the picture, it's a challenge to keep all 132 stitches on the needles. I need to get a 16" size 3 cable needle. The question is whether or not I go cheap and order on line (and wait) or go pricey and buy them from an LYS (and have it now, but spend more than I want or need to). Decisions, decisions. I'll let you know what I end up doing....


Sandie Knapp said…
If you want my opinion, go with Knitpicks circulars, especially the Harmony needles. I have the full set of nickel plated and Harmony wood, and I can't recommend them highly enough. The cables have almost no memory, they straighten out so quickly, and they are very smooth in the joins. Also, you won't be waiting too long for them. Knitpicks ships very quickly.

I am so sorry you can't manage with the Alpaca and Angora. Both are such lovely yarns and so soft to wear too. My niece is allergic to sheep's wool, but I think she is OK with Alpaca. When she comes to visit next, I am going to find out because I would love to make her something with the Alpaca, but won't until I know she can wear it first.

Enjoy your warm weather, it won't last forever. :)
June said…
I am very allergic to alpaca and angora too. Makes me itch just to think about it. I have quit knitting socks, so have boxes & boxes of sock yarn to do something with. Different strokes, ya know?

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