Too Small Saturday

We've had some gorgeous weather this past week!

50s at night and low 80s during the day. I've been able to shut the a/c off and air the house out in the mornings and it's been wonderful! Today was the hottest in the past 5 or so days, it was 88.

As long as we stay below 90, I'm a happy girl!!!


So I'm knitting along on #1 Son's sock and I'm abt to decrease for the toes. Thankfully I did remember that I finished the first sock a few months ago and that this child now wears the same size shoe I do (and he's not even 12) so I decided to have him try on the finished sock. Well he could barely get it on. He has a VERY wide foot and even though once it was on it was *ok*, it was obviously tight. So instead I will be adding an extra 3/4" to his sock and ripping out the toe on the other sock to extend it as well. I dread the thought of it since I have a tough time picking up tiny sock stitches. I can, I just don't like it.

I also had to get closures for Baby Girl's sweater. Again, it *fits* but it wont make it past this year. She must be having a growth spurt because she's outgrown a LOT of her clothes. I bought magnetic closures for the sweater and will put buttons on the outside. We picked up some really cool purple buttons at JoAnn's today and once I get them attached, I'll show a pic of it.

I think I need to knit faster, otherwise these kids will not last long in my hand knits.

That being said, I think I need to knit a bit for me. I got a Patternworks catalog in the mail yesterday and there are a couple of patterns I want to do. It seems cowls are the latest thing and there were two that I want to do. I have the dimensions and the yarn so I will be casting on soon for those. Once I get these other two projects finished off. I still have a pair of socks in the works for me, but since *my* foot isn't growing anymore, there is no rush for them, other than me wanted to wear them soon.


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