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NaBloPoMo? Nah, not so much.

So its becoming quite obvious that posting every day this month isn't happening. I'm just not feeling the love for it this year as I did last year. Plus much more is going on, which should produce lots of blog fodder, yet not really. I still plan on posting more this month, but I do see myself missing a day here and there.

Hilites of the week include honor roll awards

and band concerts.

And The Wedding. There are only 10 days left until this event and I think we are ALL so ready for it to be over.

~beginning of rant~

The worst part of it all for me?? The opinions and complaints from people who are both invited and NOT invited to this wedding. I've heard people complain that too much money is being spent (yet she is under the average amt of a typical wedding locally), but get ticked off when they aren't invited because they are trying to keep costs down. "She's having the wedding where? That's so expensive! If she had it at (insert venue here) then s…

It's been a week

and I still feel off. I really hate the time change. I love getting an extra hour but with it darker sooner, I'm ready for bed sooner. It's only 7pm and I could go to sleep! Hopefully this week will reset my internal clock.

On This Day in History

Baby Girl and #1 Son taking a food break while bowling. 11/14/09

Saturday Sky

No more stash to report today. If anything, today was spent getting rid of stash. #1 Son's stash. He is really getting desperate to move rooms so we cleaned up his old room. When all is said and done, he really doesn't have that much stuff, but when all the little pieces are covering the floor, it sure LOOKS like alot!! Now it's my turn to start moving stuff from the craft room into his old room. I'm hoping to go thru stuff before I put it in that room so that what goes in there is what I really want. So far it's just my sock yarn.

Here's what my sky looked like today.

It's another day w/o putting the a/c or heat on. LOVING it!!

On This Day in History

Baby Girl and Caesar 11/13/07

But wait, there's more!!

Today was all about The Wedding. This meant shopping trips to Joann's and Michael's. While at Joann's I heard my name being called. When I turned, I saw this.

Knitting keeps me from unravelling. Oh this HAD to come home with me. The price on it was $4.99. Hey great price! Wait, the Holiday Collection was 40% off! Including a 10% off total purchase coupon, this mug cost me $2.88. I still haven't decided if I will use it for coffee or for storing knitting needles. I'm leaning toward storage.

The funny part of this is when #1 Son saw it. He said that I was already unravelling. I told him if he thought this was unravelled, he wouldn't want to see me w/o my knitting. He thought abt it and then agreed!

On This Day In History

First grade school project. 11/12/06

And More Stash!!!

I love to look thru cook books. With the amt of cooking I actually do and with the enjoyment I get from going out to eat, the joy of looking thru cookbooks or cooking magazines still surprises me. I've gotten better with buying them. I tell myself that I need to go thru the ones I have at home before I buy more. However this one had my name on it.


Plus it's one I'm very likely to use.

On This Day In History

Lucy 11/11/08


Look what came in the mail for me today!!!!

I was the October winner for the Sock a Month KAL.

I've been a part of this KAL for abt 2 years now and this is the first time I won!! I know Baby Girl is gonna want this yarn for a project for her. It's a pink and brown self striping yarn.

Speaking of Baby Girl....

On This Day in History

Baby Girl and Samaria. 11/10/06

The Twilight Zone

It's 7pm. There is a chicken with onions, potatoes and artichoke hearts roasting in the oven. I'm doing dishes while three children play in the living room..... Wait, THREE?!?! Yep. Denise had some wedding business to take care of so her boy came over for awhile. #1 Son, Baby Girl and L are exactly 3 years and 1 month apart. If I had another child, this would be my house. Wow, amazing how much energy one child can add to the mix!!!

On This Day in History

Hemi contemplating the existence of a tail. 11/9/07

Is there an imaginary money tree in back?!?

So the IO is back to work only abt 2 weeks now and what have I been doing for the past hour? Pricing tickets and hotels for Disney. Being a Florida Resident helps, so off I go! Why am I doing this? Because our 25th anniversary is coming up and while we don't have a lot of money, 25 years doesnt come around very often. If we've lasted this long, we should celebrate!!! I'm looking at their nicer hotels on property, but I'm looking for the cheapest rate. We went once before for our 15th, but we had #1 Son then so it wasn't as romantic as we'd like. However, since I told them it was our 15th anniversary, they bumped us up to a nicer room that required a special key just to use the elevator! I'm hoping for the same perk this time around as well. We'll see how it goes.

No updates on projects today. I have moved Baby Girl's cowl to the car so that it will get done sooner. The pattern says to knit for 12 inches before I cast off, but I think I…

Sunday Stitching

I'm at a point that this will go back in the bag for a bit.

All the stitching is done on Seasonal Fall. What's left is backstitching. It most likely won't be completed and hung until next fall, but that's ok. It gives me a chance to figure out where I want to put it.

On This Day in History

The Great Pickle Experiment 11/7/08

Shivering Saturday

Clear blue skies and a high of 60.

Can't get much better than that!

We had a congregation clean up day today where I made Paula Deen's macaroni salad. My plan was to take pictures as I went along, but since I'm not as quick as those on TV, it took me MUCH longer to put together than anticipated. I never made this recipe before and I wasn't sure how it would turn out. When all was said and done the bowl was empty and nobody was rushed to the hospital so I guess it turned out good.

On This Day In History

Baby Girl and #1 Son at Disney World 11/6/04

Hmmmmm, must be a slow day.

I have pictures on my computer since 2004. When I decided to start the project of This Day In History, I decided to make my life a bit easier by going thru my picture files just once and making a list of where I have pictures for that particular day. I have at least one picture for every day in the month. Except for today. That means in the past 6 years I have never taken a picture on November 5th, at least not one worthy enough to save. I'm resolving that today.

I keep all kitty pictures so this will hang around.

Meanwhile I only got a high of 63 today!! WOOHOO!!! Finally some cooler weather. We're supposed to get down into the 40s and some areas near Ocala could have frost!

As you can see, it won't last long so I'm enjoying it while I can. Baby Girl has already requested a fire for tonight. Sounds like a plan to me.

Tiger - the Low Maintenance Kitty Cat!

Water is so much better fresh from the sky.

On This Day In History
Tiger 11/4/09

Beds are so much better when made of cardboard.

Taking off the Sunglasses

I know there are those of you who hate days like this

but when you live in the land of the sun, it's a nice change of pace. It brought with it a good soaking rain, too. It was the kind of day where you just want to snuggle under a blanket, read and/or nap. Unfortunately I was dodging rain bullets looking at houses with my sister. After all that it looks as if the deal on her condo has fallen thru. NOT a good thing.


Since I've been keeping my sock in the car, I've gotten a bit more done.

However it really is slow going when that's the only time you work on it.

In fact today I only got two rounds done because the yarn is twisting around itself. I keep letting the yarn dangle to self correct the twist, but I seem to have to do that after every couple of rows. So today while waiting in line I undid the yarn cake and redid it up in a ball. I'm hoping that will alleviate the issue. I used my ball winder and I really thing that was the caus…

Cutting it close!!!

Wow here we are on day 2 and I'm already close to missing a day!!! I've been gone from the house since 1pm looking at houses with my sisters (my other sister is moving up as well) and by the time I got home, the mother/daughter team for The Wedding came over to go over some music. They just left.

Needless to say, it's been a long day, and yet I don't have any material worthy to blog about. Do you really care that my sister can't decide on 3 different places or that the potato sausage soup at Olive Garden was REALLY good after being caught in the rain all day long?

Of course not. However I will tell you that I finished stitching the apple and part of the apple pie on Seasonal Fall while I watched The Defenders on DVR (LOVE this show!) No pics yet. I want to wait until all the stitching is done before I take another picture.

In honor of nablopomo, I'm adding a segment called On This Day in History where I post a picture taken on the same day but differen…

Can She Do It??

It occurred to me this morning as both kids commented that it was already November 1st, it's also the start of NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month. I did it last year and amazingly enough I'm going to try it again this year. Which means I'll be posting lots of kitty pics!!!

Today, however, will NOT be one of those days. While I was digging thru my closet a week ago, I came across a project that I really wanted to work on. My Seasonal Fall!!

Here is where we last left off

and here it is after working on it most of the wknd.

I'm SO close to finishing it up, but I'm not sure I will. This is the month of The Wedding which means I'm going to be busy keeping Mom and Daughter calm in between lots of last minute running around. My goal before it gets put away is to at least finish all stitching. I think I can do that, all that's left is the pie and an apple. I've gotten some of the apple done, but had to stop when Lucy decided to make my chart her co…