And More Stash!!!

I love to look thru cook books. With the amt of cooking I actually do and with the enjoyment I get from going out to eat, the joy of looking thru cookbooks or cooking magazines still surprises me. I've gotten better with buying them. I tell myself that I need to go thru the ones I have at home before I buy more. However this one had my name on it.


Plus it's one I'm very likely to use.

On This Day In History

Lucy 11/11/08


Dee said…
Now THAT'S a pose. LOL

I spend A LOT of time looking through cooking magazines. Not so much time actually cooking.

Slowly but surely we are changing that. You just can't get the same nutrition from an "out" meal that you can get from one cooked at home.

(Said the lady that ate dinner at Zaxby's tonight.)

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