But wait, there's more!!

Today was all about The Wedding. This meant shopping trips to Joann's and Michael's. While at Joann's I heard my name being called. When I turned, I saw this.

Knitting keeps me from unravelling. Oh this HAD to come home with me. The price on it was $4.99. Hey great price! Wait, the Holiday Collection was 40% off! Including a 10% off total purchase coupon, this mug cost me $2.88. I still haven't decided if I will use it for coffee or for storing knitting needles. I'm leaning toward storage.

The funny part of this is when #1 Son saw it. He said that I was already unravelling. I told him if he thought this was unravelled, he wouldn't want to see me w/o my knitting. He thought abt it and then agreed!

On This Day In History

First grade school project. 11/12/06


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