Can She Do It??

It occurred to me this morning as both kids commented that it was already November 1st, it's also the start of NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month. I did it last year and amazingly enough I'm going to try it again this year. Which means I'll be posting lots of kitty pics!!!

Today, however, will NOT be one of those days. While I was digging thru my closet a week ago, I came across a project that I really wanted to work on. My Seasonal Fall!!

Here is where we last left off

and here it is after working on it most of the wknd.

I'm SO close to finishing it up, but I'm not sure I will. This is the month of The Wedding which means I'm going to be busy keeping Mom and Daughter calm in between lots of last minute running around. My goal before it gets put away is to at least finish all stitching. I think I can do that, all that's left is the pie and an apple. I've gotten some of the apple done, but had to stop when Lucy decided to make my chart her comfy spot.

So here's to November and my attempt to post for 30 days!


Dee said…
Go Lynn! Go Lynn! Go Lynn!

You can do it!

(But I won't be trying it. LOL)
Karen said…
Yay for lots of kitty pics. :) T

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