Cutting it close!!!

Wow here we are on day 2 and I'm already close to missing a day!!! I've been gone from the house since 1pm looking at houses with my sisters (my other sister is moving up as well) and by the time I got home, the mother/daughter team for The Wedding came over to go over some music. They just left.

Needless to say, it's been a long day, and yet I don't have any material worthy to blog about. Do you really care that my sister can't decide on 3 different places or that the potato sausage soup at Olive Garden was REALLY good after being caught in the rain all day long?

Of course not. However I will tell you that I finished stitching the apple and part of the apple pie on Seasonal Fall while I watched The Defenders on DVR (LOVE this show!) No pics yet. I want to wait until all the stitching is done before I take another picture.

In honor of nablopomo, I'm adding a segment called On This Day in History where I post a picture taken on the same day but different year. I'm going to try to make it a picture not already posted, but some favorites might make a comeback.

Lucy 11/2/09


Dee said…
Oh my .... Lucy the big GAME HUNTER!

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