Hmmmmm, must be a slow day.

I have pictures on my computer since 2004. When I decided to start the project of This Day In History, I decided to make my life a bit easier by going thru my picture files just once and making a list of where I have pictures for that particular day. I have at least one picture for every day in the month. Except for today. That means in the past 6 years I have never taken a picture on November 5th, at least not one worthy enough to save. I'm resolving that today.

I keep all kitty pictures so this will hang around.

Meanwhile I only got a high of 63 today!! WOOHOO!!! Finally some cooler weather. We're supposed to get down into the 40s and some areas near Ocala could have frost!

As you can see, it won't last long so I'm enjoying it while I can. Baby Girl has already requested a fire for tonight. Sounds like a plan to me.


Dee said…
...and some popcorn. When you have a fire, you MUST have a big bowl of popcorn.

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