Is there an imaginary money tree in back?!?

So the IO is back to work only abt 2 weeks now and what have I been doing for the past hour? Pricing tickets and hotels for Disney. Being a Florida Resident helps, so off I go! Why am I doing this? Because our 25th anniversary is coming up and while we don't have a lot of money, 25 years doesnt come around very often. If we've lasted this long, we should celebrate!!! I'm looking at their nicer hotels on property, but I'm looking for the cheapest rate. We went once before for our 15th, but we had #1 Son then so it wasn't as romantic as we'd like. However, since I told them it was our 15th anniversary, they bumped us up to a nicer room that required a special key just to use the elevator! I'm hoping for the same perk this time around as well. We'll see how it goes.

No updates on projects today. I have moved Baby Girl's cowl to the car so that it will get done sooner. The pattern says to knit for 12 inches before I cast off, but I think I'll shorten that to 9 or 10. Her neck isn't that long and I don't want it to be too bulky for her. I may have her try it on to see how it fits......

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Me and #1 Son out on the town. 11/8/09


Dee said…
Happy anniversary!

Hope you find just the right place!

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