It's been a week

and I still feel off. I really hate the time change. I love getting an extra hour but with it darker sooner, I'm ready for bed sooner. It's only 7pm and I could go to sleep! Hopefully this week will reset my internal clock.

On This Day in History

Baby Girl and #1 Son taking a food break while bowling. 11/14/09


Dee said…
I'm not tired earlier, but I look at my watch always surprised that it's not later. LOL

I guess we'll get used to it eventually. Probably just in time to head back into daylight savings time.
Sandie Knapp said…
It takes me a while to adjust to the days being dark so early in the evening too. I hate that. I was in my "jammies" by 6:30 PM last night. Horrible, isn't it? But I knew I wasn't going anywhere, it was total blackness outside, so why not?


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