NaBloPoMo? Nah, not so much.

So its becoming quite obvious that posting every day this month isn't happening. I'm just not feeling the love for it this year as I did last year. Plus much more is going on, which should produce lots of blog fodder, yet not really. I still plan on posting more this month, but I do see myself missing a day here and there.

Hilites of the week include honor roll awards

and band concerts.

And The Wedding. There are only 10 days left until this event and I think we are ALL so ready for it to be over.

~beginning of rant~

The worst part of it all for me?? The opinions and complaints from people who are both invited and NOT invited to this wedding. I've heard people complain that too much money is being spent (yet she is under the average amt of a typical wedding locally), but get ticked off when they aren't invited because they are trying to keep costs down. "She's having the wedding where? That's so expensive! If she had it at (insert venue here) then she could invite more people!" Yet these are the same people who would complain at how cheap it was and why did't she have a nicer wedding but with less people?? It's amazing to me how people who claim to be your friend will just as easily make snide remarks behind your back. Which explains why they aren't invited to the wedding!! I had one person sit back and complain abt how the groom is rude, the bride is too young and why aren't they buying a house instead of renting. Yet they asked me if they were on the invite list. When I told her I wasn't sure (she wasn't but the list hadn't been finalized yet, plus it's not my place to say who is or isn't invited) she said she hoped she was. I asked her why she wanted to go, she obviously didn't like the groom and felt the bride needed to grow up, why the desire for the invite? Well it was a place to go. Hmph. All I can say is I'm glad we have a few years before we need to deal with any of this.

~end of rant~

Meanwhile I am knitting. I'm almost finished with Baby Girl's cowl and I finally got thru all the decreases of the gusset on my sock. I really want to work on my scarf, but I really want to finish up the cowl first. Hopefully that will be soon.

and since I really like this feature, I'm going to continue it wheneven I post in November.

On This Day In History

Hot air balloon that flew over our neighborhood, 3 houses down from us. Freaked the cats out!! 11/17/09


SusieH said…
Lynn, BIG pre-wedding hugs to you, and to the couple. I sooo get your frustrations. My wish is that their day will be special, relatively relaxed, adn that any hitches and glitches will be behind the scenes and not affect them :)
Sandie Knapp said…
Thanks for the chuckles. Loved your rant, and I agree with you too. :)

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