The Twilight Zone

It's 7pm. There is a chicken with onions, potatoes and artichoke hearts roasting in the oven. I'm doing dishes while three children play in the living room..... Wait, THREE?!?! Yep. Denise had some wedding business to take care of so her boy came over for awhile. #1 Son, Baby Girl and L are exactly 3 years and 1 month apart. If I had another child, this would be my house. Wow, amazing how much energy one child can add to the mix!!!

On This Day in History

Hemi contemplating the existence of a tail. 11/9/07


Dee said…
Oh yeah --- one extra kid changes the whole dynamic!

Love the Hemi pic. Adorable.
SusieH said…
Three IS indeed a whiole nuther's interesting to watch, too.

And can I come to yours for dinner? NOM.

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