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Feline Fridays

I love the smell of wool in the morning!


So I'm sitting here catching up on my blog reading and I look up at the date.

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010


When did THAT happen??

Normally by this time I'm recapping the year. But how do you do that when it doesn't feel like its time to recap??!?!

Maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime I'm working on a coat.

It doesn't look like much but once you connect the sides to the back, it does look like a coat. Now I'm just straight knitting and am abt an inch in. I'm debating on switching to dpns because the straights I'm using now are weighted weird. The end tips are making it bottom heavy and my hands are tiring out faster than they should.

The Power of a AA Battery

Pixels of new projects and Saturday skies were trapped inside my digital camera because it had no juice. I made the ultimate sacrifice. I gave up my AAs to power a Barbie Glam Vacation Jet. On Sunday we hit Wal-Mart for some after Christmas clearance sales. Baby Girl picked out a couple of items that were 50% off, but once she saw this, everything else went back. She only wanted the plane. Can't say I blame her. Go check out the link to see the cool things this plane does. Of course it wasn't on clearance, but the joy she has gotten from this toy is amazing. I went on-line today to see if there were any deals on the plane and the cheapest I could find was $80. Considering I only paid $49, I am QUITE the happy camper! It's been worth every penny.

What do the batteries do? It powers a mini microphone for those in-flight announcements, pouring of drinks and some tropical music for the pop-up tropical resort. Barbie and Ken are having a blast.

Meanwhile new batteri…

It Ain't Pretty

but it works!

I added the patch last night and while I was worried I'd feel the ridge of the patch, it fits fine. No issues at all. I saw a couple of other spots that are starting to thin, but I'll get another year out of these. Fixed another pair so I have two more socks to add to my drawer. And after looking at the measly amt of socks I own, I really need to set some goals to kick out some socks!

BTW did anybody see the lunar eclipse last night?? I woke up around 3:25 and went out to look at it. Gorgeous! The sky was SO clear and the stars so bright. Woke up the rugrats to check it out as well. It took 3 tries to get Baby Girl up, but today she is so happy we did! Hopefully you all got to check it out as well.

More backstitching in the to-do pile....

I've been working on my snowman and I've gotten to a good stopping point.

Here it is before.

and after.

I made some changes, got rid of the upper section of stitching and changed the colors of the mitten. It now matches the snowman's scarf and looks MUCH better in person. The pic makes it look a bit weird with the purples. Meanwhile, all the stitching is done. What's left is the backstitching.

Yep, a second project of backstitching only. I really don't care for backstitching, but once I get on a roll, I can usually finish off a project in one sitting. This one may take me two.

Since I wasn't in the mood to backstitch, but still in the mood to stitch, I pulled out Too Pooped. I'm still working on the tree. My goal is to finish off the trunk before it gets rotated out.

Saturday Sigh.........

Saturday Sky

Saturday Sigh
(Warning! Graphic picture ahead that could prove to be quite upsetting. Knitters, you have been warned)

Yep, it finally happened. My sock blew a hole BIG TIME!!! I knew it was getting thin and I had sewn a patch for it (yes I know not your typical darning, but a way I was taught by an old time knitter), but i never put it on. Guess I need to now.

This is the second sock.

Getting thin spots so will reinforce them as well. Some would just throw them out, but these were the first socks I made for me that fit well and lasted a long time. They've lasted for almost 4 years and I wear them A LOT!!! They are Lorna's Laces sport for those curious minds. I blogged abt them here.

I've been working on my snowman and I'm getting really close to having all the stitching done. Once I finish the stitching I'll take an updated shot before the backstitching. It's nice to see this finally winding down. I've been working on it for 3 years today!!!

Feline Fridays

Who needs a stuffed animal

when you've got the real thing?

I'm blaming the weather.

Allergies and sinuses are running amok here at Happy Acres. First Baby Girl, then #1 Son, now me. We're all still definitely fighting something. Not sure what, but considering a stomach thing and strep are running rampant thru the schools, I'm counting my blessings!! The worst is having no energy. And I'm trying to use the word *NO* more often. I've got a sister moving up, a friend moving down and everybody wants a piece of the Doc. Well this Doc is taking the day off!! I think today is a good day to knit on some projects and to get caught up on my DVR shows.

Here's what I've been working on. My on-going, neverending sock.

The good news is that it's starting to look like a sock now. I'm abt 4 inches into the foot so I feel like I'm making progress. I wondered how much I actually got done in a week's time so I added that stitch marker.

This is what I did in a week. I found this to be more depressing than inspiring so I wont be doing TH…

Different ways to express creativity

Before I really got into knitting or stitching, I would look for ways to express myself creatively. I can't draw very well and while I would love to paint, the best I could do were the paint-by-numbers kits they would sell at the local five and dime. I did find a weaving kit that I made as a wall hanging in my bedroom as a teenager and I loved to collect stationery.

A friend of mine used to make collages, and I thought that it was such a neat idea that I decided to start cutting out words and pictures from magazines that I could use to make my own. I collected for abt a year and one night I decided to put one together. This is what I came up with.

I still have it and still love it. Very romantic. Very dreamy. Kind of a fairy tale feel to it. I was about 17 when I made this.

Fast forward 3 years. I'm now 20 and married. I still have my folder of cut-out pictures and one night I decided to put together another collage.

I still have it and still love it, but it definite…

Saturday Sky

Dee posted a SAL that I think I can actually do.


*Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long

What's that you ask?

Well, it's a totally useless, totally fun group project.

You get yourself a big ol' (or maybe not so big) jar
and then you put all your stitching clippings in it.
Anything that is leftover from your project(s) can go in your jar.
I only put floss and yarn clippings (orts)

Then with every new moon* you post a picture of your jar
which is filling up with clippings, floss tags, broken needles, bad beads, what-have-you
bits and pieces from your needlework.

This will work for me regardless of what project I work on. Now I just need to find a clear glass receptacle to put all my orts into.

I did remember to take a picture of my sky today, but I couldnt decide which one to use. Baby Girl likes this one because it shows the sky more.

I like this one better because of the light hitting the trees. However it's blurry.

Either way you get the idea.

Feline Fridays

How Happy Acre kitties stay warm......

Stretching out in the sun.

Cuddling in a jacket.

Finding an out of the way spot well insulated with papers and various other crap.

Finding an out of the way spot so well hidden the paparazzi cannot locate you.
(insert picture of Lucy)

Trying to Get Back on Track

Things haven't calmed down as much as I had hoped here at Happy Acres. It's still a bit more hectic than I'd like. Baby Girl was home sick on Monday. She's been having issues with her sinuses lately. Lots of pressure which leads to yucky headaches. Today she is feeling MUCH better, but wiped out from the headaches. I can relate. Plus the house is still turned upside down. What I need to do is get myself back on some kind of schedule. Laundry this day. Grocery shopping that day. Knitting EVERYDAY!!! I've gotten better in that aspect, I've been working on a kitty blanket, putting in a couple of rows every night.

I also did something for me today. I met up with Dee and Vicky at Needle Orts for some R&R. Getting ready for today meant trying to come up with a project to work on. After checking my list of WIPs, I decided to pull out my snowman. You remember him.

The day wasn't as productive as I had hoped. First off, my cell kept ringing and I finally just shut…

Getting Back to Business

The business of knitting. It's been cold for these parts

and its motivating me to knit. I had three current projects going on, but I couldnt find any of them when I wanted to work on something so I finally decided that I would cast on an easy project. Another kitty blanket.

Last year I was able to make 3 or 4 of them for the local shelter, but this year I haven't finished one. I grabbed some Sassy Stripes and size 11 needles, cast on using 3 strands and went to town! I decided to try out my needles that have the tips light up and they work great when I'm trying to watch tv in the dark.

Here is the other kitty blanket I have going.

I'm using 2 strands of Simply Soft and it's just not working for me. I need to add some other acrylic to make it easier to work on.

Here is my poor little sock.

It's taking SO long to finish this project. Pretty sad considering the cuff is only 2" long!

And my Yarn Harlot Scarf.

Again, another project taking way too long.


S-L-O-W-L-Y Getting Back To Normal

Has it been busy here at Happy Acres!! It's basically been all Wedding all the time.

It was a lot of work but it turned out beautiful.

There were a couple of snafus, the flower girl and the ring bearer took a LONG time coming down the aisle. Apparently the flower girl forgot to drop flowers at her last gig so this time she was DETERMINED to do it right! She put down ONE petal at a time.

If she put down two, she picked one up. OMG it was so funny. The second snafu was when the groom was putting the ring on the bride's finger. He dropped the ring and they couldn't find it right away.

It took a bounce and ended up behind the bride.

We had a great time;

great food, great friends,

what more could you want??

Yes, of course.... A proper send off to the bride and groom from the ushers.

No matter how elegant the wedding, the redneck still shines thru!

Now that The Wedding is over and the weather is turning cooler, my knitting mojo is kicking into gear! Stay tuned. I do ha…