Different ways to express creativity

Before I really got into knitting or stitching, I would look for ways to express myself creatively. I can't draw very well and while I would love to paint, the best I could do were the paint-by-numbers kits they would sell at the local five and dime. I did find a weaving kit that I made as a wall hanging in my bedroom as a teenager and I loved to collect stationery.

A friend of mine used to make collages, and I thought that it was such a neat idea that I decided to start cutting out words and pictures from magazines that I could use to make my own. I collected for abt a year and one night I decided to put one together. This is what I came up with.

I still have it and still love it. Very romantic. Very dreamy. Kind of a fairy tale feel to it. I was about 17 when I made this.

Fast forward 3 years. I'm now 20 and married. I still have my folder of cut-out pictures and one night I decided to put together another collage.

I still have it and still love it, but it definitely has a different vibe to it. A bit more settled; still romantic, but a bit more realistic. And while I do see similarities in both, there are definite differences.

Hmmmmm, wonder what I'd make today??? I think this time I would use actual photos to make a collage. Pics of cats, kids, vacations, friends, parties. Or magazine pictures of far away quiet beaches where one can read or stitch while cabana boys bring you food and drinks with little umbrellas.

I guess it just depends on the day.


Ruth said…
Those collages bring back memories! I never made any big collages, but I did have a folder of cutout pics.

BTW, cold enough for you???? :)
Daffycat said…
Ahhh, cabana boys..."Two pina coladas, please." And I'm old enough to tip well! LOL

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