I'm blaming the weather.

Allergies and sinuses are running amok here at Happy Acres. First Baby Girl, then #1 Son, now me. We're all still definitely fighting something. Not sure what, but considering a stomach thing and strep are running rampant thru the schools, I'm counting my blessings!! The worst is having no energy. And I'm trying to use the word *NO* more often. I've got a sister moving up, a friend moving down and everybody wants a piece of the Doc. Well this Doc is taking the day off!! I think today is a good day to knit on some projects and to get caught up on my DVR shows.

Here's what I've been working on. My on-going, neverending sock.

The good news is that it's starting to look like a sock now. I'm abt 4 inches into the foot so I feel like I'm making progress. I wondered how much I actually got done in a week's time so I added that stitch marker.

This is what I did in a week. I found this to be more depressing than inspiring so I wont be doing THAT anymore! Plus the marker made that stitch big and now I've got a loop that sticks out. Need to see what I can do with that.

I'm making some progress on my kitty blanket.

I'm abt a foot in. I'm using up some Sassy Stripes that's in the stash. Yes, Dee, yours is in there as well. This kitty afghan reminds me of a kitchen rug my grandmother used to have back in the day. Sort of an early 80s feel. Since part of me is still stuck there, I like it!

And believe it or not I actually picked up a sewing needle and did this!!

Yeah, I know, a bit of a cop out when it comes to sewing, but I did tack down that patch after ironing it on so I'm counting it as a sewing finish!!! How sad is that?!?

We are finally warming up in these parts. Yes lots of you are buried under hundreds of feet of snow with temps in the negatives, but this is Florida! I should NOT be only a couple of degrees warmer than Long Island! We started out the week with a low in the 20s , but thankfully we are getting a high of 68 today and in the 70s tomorrow. I'm hoping that stays for a bit. I enjoy the cold weather, esp when it's hotter than the sun during most of the year, but when the only reason it's not snowing is because there is no precipitation, that's just a bit too cold for me!

And while this year I do have more hand knits to wear, I'm not sure if a blue hat, red and tan scarf and green socks is a fashion statement or a faux pas. Then again I don't care as long as I'm warm.


Dee said…
Yuck! Hope you are feeling better soon. Sinus problems are the PITS!

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