It Ain't Pretty

but it works!

I added the patch last night and while I was worried I'd feel the ridge of the patch, it fits fine. No issues at all. I saw a couple of other spots that are starting to thin, but I'll get another year out of these. Fixed another pair so I have two more socks to add to my drawer. And after looking at the measly amt of socks I own, I really need to set some goals to kick out some socks!

BTW did anybody see the lunar eclipse last night?? I woke up around 3:25 and went out to look at it. Gorgeous! The sky was SO clear and the stars so bright. Woke up the rugrats to check it out as well. It took 3 tries to get Baby Girl up, but today she is so happy we did! Hopefully you all got to check it out as well.


Karen said…
Hmmmm, so I'm not the only one with a pile of socks that need mending?? You've inspired me to dig them out and actually try to fix them. :)
Sandie Knapp said…
Saved to be worn for another year or two. Phew!!! :)

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