More backstitching in the to-do pile....

I've been working on my snowman and I've gotten to a good stopping point.

Here it is before.

and after.

I made some changes, got rid of the upper section of stitching and changed the colors of the mitten. It now matches the snowman's scarf and looks MUCH better in person. The pic makes it look a bit weird with the purples. Meanwhile, all the stitching is done. What's left is the backstitching.

Yep, a second project of backstitching only. I really don't care for backstitching, but once I get on a roll, I can usually finish off a project in one sitting. This one may take me two.

Since I wasn't in the mood to backstitch, but still in the mood to stitch, I pulled out Too Pooped. I'm still working on the tree. My goal is to finish off the trunk before it gets rotated out.


Anonymous said…
The mitten turned out good!

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