The Power of a AA Battery

Pixels of new projects and Saturday skies were trapped inside my digital camera because it had no juice. I made the ultimate sacrifice. I gave up my AAs to power a Barbie Glam Vacation Jet. On Sunday we hit Wal-Mart for some after Christmas clearance sales. Baby Girl picked out a couple of items that were 50% off, but once she saw this, everything else went back. She only wanted the plane. Can't say I blame her. Go check out the link to see the cool things this plane does. Of course it wasn't on clearance, but the joy she has gotten from this toy is amazing. I went on-line today to see if there were any deals on the plane and the cheapest I could find was $80. Considering I only paid $49, I am QUITE the happy camper! It's been worth every penny.

What do the batteries do? It powers a mini microphone for those in-flight announcements, pouring of drinks and some tropical music for the pop-up tropical resort. Barbie and Ken are having a blast.

Meanwhile new batteries were picked up today and now we can free up some pixels for posting.....

Saturday Sky brought to you by #1 Son

It was a GORGEOUS DAY. High was 70 so we opened all the windows and doors to air the house out. Around 5pm it was cooling down and by 8pm it started to rain, but we didn't start to feel the effects of the cold front until Sunday morning. At 1pm it was 42 with a wind chill of 32. BRRRRR!!! Great excuse to pull out the fingerless gloves and scarf!!!

They matched too! Bonus!

We had a hard freeze last night and expect another one tonight. For those getting up for work in the am (thankfully we are still on winter break) temps in the 20s can be expected. No snow to deal with, but with temps that cold, a LITTLE bit of the white stuff would be nice. Little being the operative word.

Because it's been so cold, the felines are seeking out freshly dried laundry

or choice heater spots.

And even though Barbie may be on vacation in a tropical resort, she will be coming home soon and will need a new coat to keep warm.

I already have yarn set aside for the dress.


Dee said…
You'll have to let me know how it is to knit the Barbie clothes. They look so teeny-tiny!
VCFibers said…
After seeing how Barbie flies I feel like my own flight experiences are somewhat lacking. Where can I find a plane for 2 with gourmet dining and a pull out tropical vacation spot right on the back? (Of course with a pull out vacation spot isn't getting on the plane to go on vacation a little redundant?) And it's all powered by a single AA battery?!?! Delta is way behind... :)

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