S-L-O-W-L-Y Getting Back To Normal

Has it been busy here at Happy Acres!! It's basically been all Wedding all the time.

It was a lot of work but it turned out beautiful.

There were a couple of snafus, the flower girl and the ring bearer took a LONG time coming down the aisle. Apparently the flower girl forgot to drop flowers at her last gig so this time she was DETERMINED to do it right! She put down ONE petal at a time.

If she put down two, she picked one up. OMG it was so funny. The second snafu was when the groom was putting the ring on the bride's finger. He dropped the ring and they couldn't find it right away.

It took a bounce and ended up behind the bride.

We had a great time;

great food, great friends,

what more could you want??

Yes, of course.... A proper send off to the bride and groom from the ushers.

No matter how elegant the wedding, the redneck still shines thru!

Now that The Wedding is over and the weather is turning cooler, my knitting mojo is kicking into gear! Stay tuned. I do have a finish and another start to share.


Dee said…
Sooooooooooo...now that the wedding is over, when are we getting together???? HUH???????????
Vivian said…
Love your wedding pictures! and "this day in history" is a great idea. Guess we are all a bit slow on blogging these days (me specifically). Cheers :-)
Sandie Knapp said…
I'm glad to hear there were no major problems. I'm sure it was a wonderful time for all of you, especially the bride and groom.


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