Saturday Sigh.........

Saturday Sky

Saturday Sigh
(Warning! Graphic picture ahead that could prove to be quite upsetting. Knitters, you have been warned)

Yep, it finally happened. My sock blew a hole BIG TIME!!! I knew it was getting thin and I had sewn a patch for it (yes I know not your typical darning, but a way I was taught by an old time knitter), but i never put it on. Guess I need to now.

This is the second sock.

Getting thin spots so will reinforce them as well. Some would just throw them out, but these were the first socks I made for me that fit well and lasted a long time. They've lasted for almost 4 years and I wear them A LOT!!! They are Lorna's Laces sport for those curious minds. I blogged abt them here.

I've been working on my snowman and I'm getting really close to having all the stitching done. Once I finish the stitching I'll take an updated shot before the backstitching. It's nice to see this finally winding down. I've been working on it for 3 years today!!!


Anonymous said…

Well, I can't say you didn't warn me.
Vivian said…
I've had big holes in my hand knitted socks and never tried to mend them. The holes can grow really big really fast, and the rest of the fabric gets really thin too, just not worth the effort.
Chris said…
I have a stack of socks in similar condition - I need to assess. I don't think I'd bother if the area was as big as that...
Anonymous said…
I had 2 pair of all alpaca socks that I knit for myself about 2 years back, that I had to repair too. And yes, I did repair them. That alpaca is just too soft for socks, but that's exactly why I want to keep wearing them. Soft AND warm! :)

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