Saturday Sky

Dee posted a SAL that I think I can actually do.


*Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long

What's that you ask?

Well, it's a totally useless, totally fun group project.

You get yourself a big ol' (or maybe not so big) jar
and then you put all your stitching clippings in it.
Anything that is leftover from your project(s) can go in your jar.
I only put floss and yarn clippings (orts)

Then with every new moon* you post a picture of your jar
which is filling up with clippings, floss tags, broken needles, bad beads, what-have-you
bits and pieces from your needlework.

This will work for me regardless of what project I work on. Now I just need to find a clear glass receptacle to put all my orts into.

I did remember to take a picture of my sky today, but I couldnt decide which one to use. Baby Girl likes this one because it shows the sky more.

I like this one better because of the light hitting the trees. However it's blurry.

Either way you get the idea.


Dee said…
My Saturday skies were quite grey and REALLY look like winter.

Glad you are joining the TUSAL!
Daffycat said…
Thanks for the shout-out Lynn!

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