Trying to Get Back on Track

Things haven't calmed down as much as I had hoped here at Happy Acres. It's still a bit more hectic than I'd like. Baby Girl was home sick on Monday. She's been having issues with her sinuses lately. Lots of pressure which leads to yucky headaches. Today she is feeling MUCH better, but wiped out from the headaches. I can relate. Plus the house is still turned upside down. What I need to do is get myself back on some kind of schedule. Laundry this day. Grocery shopping that day. Knitting EVERYDAY!!! I've gotten better in that aspect, I've been working on a kitty blanket, putting in a couple of rows every night.

I also did something for me today. I met up with Dee and Vicky at Needle Orts for some R&R. Getting ready for today meant trying to come up with a project to work on. After checking my list of WIPs, I decided to pull out my snowman. You remember him.

The day wasn't as productive as I had hoped. First off, my cell kept ringing and I finally just shut it off. And I don't have an after picture of what I worked on today since the small mitten I did will be ripped out. I didn't like it. In fact the three of us had a discussion of what changes to make to this project. The top portion will be totally removed and the color of the big mitten will be changed from blue to purple. I've been working on this guy for 3 years now and while I do like the way it looks, I'm NOT loving the actual stitching of it. Could be the dark blue tiny fabric. Plus its a linen instead of an evenweave aned I find linen to be a bit more floppy. I can find the holes better in evenweave, even when its tiny. So while I didn't get much done at all on this project, I did get to brainstorm with my two pals to figure out what would work better. Now that it's out, I'm hoping to work on it a bit more.

It is Kitty Thursdays, but I'm thinking of changing the day to Feline Fridays. I like the name better.

Even though technically every day is a kitty day here.

You've been on long enough. Time to feed me.


Dee said…
Making a plan is progress, right???
Susan said…
Poor Baby Girl. I can relate too.

My sister and her family are heading to Disney World in Feb. She is a fiber fanatic too. Do you know of any good knitting or spinning shops near Disney World?

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