Checking them off the list!

I have not ONE! not TWO!! but THREE (ish) projects done!!! I haven't had a finish in awhile and it feels good to get some things done!

First finish: Barbie Coat

This is actually the second time I made this coat

I made one back when I was 13 when I was going thru my mom's knitting bag. I still have it, too, buried in the black hole of my craft closet.

Here are the stats of this modern, updated version.

Yarn used: Lorna's Laces Sport in Sherbert
Date start: 12/25/10
Date end: 1/13/11
.9 oz yarn used

The pattern is from McCall's Knitting for Beginners from 1966

I held on to this book mostly because it was my mom's and because it had basic instructions. Now as I go thru the book, I'm seeing the patterns are your basic knitwear and could still be used with updated yarn. My mom's book, my efforts, and

a happy Baby Girl. That's a project worth doing!

Second Finish: Kitty Blanket #2

I number my kitty blankets for the year they are worked, but since none were finished in 2010, they just rolled over into the new year. Kitty Blanket #1 is still a WIP. Stats for this project are:

60 sts on size 11 needles with 3 strands DK weight held together
Yarn used: 3 different colorways of Sassy Stripes.
Date start: 11/30/10
Date end: 1/16/11
Finished size: 19.5 x 19.5
Yarn used up: 8.3 oz

I bought this Sassy Stripes yarn a few years back. I really liked the pink colorway and the blue and tan colorway so when Michael's was having a clearance I bought up everything I could. Turns out the only colorways I liked were the pink and the blue. The others have some crazy mixes that don't really work well together. However when you combine 3 strands in a kitty blanket, they look pretty good! The pattern came from the book Knitting for Peace for their animal shelter blankets.

Third(ish) finish: Jitterbug sock

The black fur of Princess really makes this white sock pop!!

It's an -ish finish since I still need to finish the second sock to be able to wear them. However I have started the 2nd sock and just abt to start on the heel (2" cuffs make for quick work!) I'm hoping for faster progress on this 2nd sock; the first one was cast on back in Aug, picked up again in Oct and just finished a couple of days ago.

Not too shabby!! This leaves me with 4 projects on the needles. Updates of those will be coming soon....


Dee said…
Barbie looks quite stunning in her new coat. Baby Girl's face says it all --- good job, Mom!
Sandie Knapp said…
Congratulations! Finished projects are always great to show off.

I have several knitting pattern books, that belonged to my Mother AND my Grandmother. Crochet pattern books too. A lot of the fashions are vintage, but I still like many of them. And the baby pattern books never go out of style, IMHO. :) Of course they also help me to stayed tied to the two ladies who gave them to me, and taught me to knit in the first place. Always a good thing.
Knittymuggins said…
Hooray for finished projects! Baby Girl looks so happy with Barbie's new coat. That makes it all worth it ;)

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