Reflecting, sort of

So if you go back to my old posts from this time of year, I'm either nostalgic or reviewing the year. I'm not that nostalgic this time around, but I can't deny it's a new year so I went thru my finished projects for 2010.

It was a short trip.

Total knit projects completed in 2010: 13

6 of them were for that craft fair back in May

The list consists of:
2 hats
1 trivet
7 prs of socks (5 baby)
1 scarf
1 sweater
1 cowl

The most surprising for me?? I didn't do ANY knitting for charity.

Total cross stitch projects completed in 2010: 1

that was the one I did for my sil's anniversary in Aug or Sept.

Total books read in 2010: 6

possibly 7 but I can't remember. I just find it hard to think I haven't read a book since August.

So there you have it. Not a real productive year of crafting, yet I don't feel all that bad abt it. I'm realizing that my knitting is more of a process than a production and that I like to knit things that I can pick up and put down w/o an issue. I'm expecting more of that this year. And maybe some tanks for Baby Girl, she seems to enjoy them the most.

If you want to see last year's list, go here. The funny thing abt it is that I say almost the same exact thing abt my reading. I read 2 more books last year, but August seems to be the last month that I get any reading done!!

I was planning on sharing an On This Date In History, but I have no pics taken on 1/1! Weird. So instead I will leave you with one that will make you smile.

We should all be so relaxed!!


Dee said…
What is it about cats and sleeping IN things? LOL

Happy New Year!
Kathy said…
I so love that kitty in the basket image. Familiar and wonderful
Wendy said…
That is the best picture, kitty in a basket. Cat's are very entertaining.
Chris said…
*gasp* The thought of not reading every day makes me really twitchy. You got so much more knitting done than did I - does that help?

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