St Augustine the Happy Trails way!

Welcome back to Happy Acres Travel Agency!!! We appreciate your business! Today we have something special planned for you!

A B&B in St. Augustine.

You will be on the second floor.

Expect a nice large bed

and a large jacuzzi to rest those weary bones and muscles.

Since you will be arriving around dinner time might we suggest a local restaurant.

Their food is delicious, including dessert.

Thankfully the sign will be lit when you come back.

For those of you who had a few extra cocktails (after all it is a vacation), the sign might look more like this.

Saturday Morning will be a beautiful day for exploring. Make sure you stop in the dining room for some breakfast. On today's menu is a frittata

with coffee, fruit and some lemon poppy cake.

While you may want to take a guided trolley tour, we recommend getting off the beaten path

and exploring the city on foot first.

You will see many things the trolley passes by, like a quiet reading spot

the local fishermen

or those just chillin' on the water.

Coolest place on foot??

Seeing an actual cannonball in a wall of coquina.

However the guided tour is pretty interesting as well. We hear they stop at the local winery for free tastings.

Another good choice.

Once you have toured and shopped and tasted the historic city of St Augustine, feel free to relax in the parlour

or up in your room (remember that jacuzzi?!?).

Take advantage of the quiet because on Sunday you return to your crazy hectic life. Don't forget breakfast before you go. Today's specialty is an egg casserole with hash browns and turkey sausage.

Make sure to try the cinnamon bread as well.

We hope you enjoyed your virtual vacation! Please remember Happy Trails for all your virtual vacation needs. Safe travels!


SusieH said…
Ahhhh, I needed that virtual vacation!!! Thank you :)
Susan said…
It all looks lovely! So different from frigid winter here.
Dee said…
Looks like you made the most of your quiet time.
Sandie Knapp said…
I am so sorry your husband could not be with you, but I am glad that you were able to get away and get some much appreciated R&R. :)
VCFibers said…
Virtual vacations make me want a real vacation! St. Augustine reminds me very much of Savannah which is one of my favorite places to visit. I would love to visit St. Augustine sometime now that I'm out of college (we used to stay there for football games when I was in the college marching band, not quite the same...).
TeaMouse said…
Just what I needed, the food was great and the scenery too and that tub, wow!

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