St Augustine Sky

What was supposed to be our 25th anniversary trip has turned into a me-cation instead. #1 Son had a bad asthma attack and we were in the hospital ER from 4am to 7am on Friday. I knew what it was, we've been there before, but the dr insisted on being thorough. PS he does NOT have pneumonia or the flu. He had an asthma attack. Wow. Big shocker there!!! Once they gave him a steroid, he was better in 5 min. However, this was the day we were supposed to leave. Since these attacks really wear him out, I didn't want to leave him with my sister (if you were sick would you want your own bed or an air mattress in somebody else's house?) plus I was exhausted so we decided that we would reschedule. Well I could reschedule but I'd still have to pay full price for the reservation. We tried figuring out who we could send instead, and finally the IO told me to go. We were talking abt me having a couple of days off by myself and since this was already paid for, I should go.

After hemming and hawing, I went. Once I got past the guilt and disappointment of not having my husband with me, I have to say I am enjoying myself. It's quiet and I've been able to explore the city my way.

Here is my sky for today.

This is overlooking the Matanzas Bay taken in the late afternoon when the tide was high. If you click on the pic, you will see the moon at the top of the shot.

Stay tuned for your virtual vacation come Monday.


Dee said…
That was very sweet of Bill to offer you some time to yourself.

Have fun!

Hope Billy is feeling better soon.
Susan said…
Well that sucks. It's always something, isn't it. Enjoy your me-cation anyway. Hopefully you will get a chance to get away with your husband soon.
SusieH said…
Agreed - thanks be to your thoughtful sweetie for suggesting the MeCation, and prayers that you two get time away together soonish as well. What brought on the asthma attack - a cold?

And thanks for sharing that gorgeous Saturday Sky!
Ruth said…
That was a fun trip I had with the Happy Acres Travel Agency. It looks like I had a really fun time!

(Sorry your IO didn't get to go, you'll have to reschedule your anniversary getaway sometime soon.)

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