TuSal and a Quarter of a Century Later.....

First up, today is the first day to show off our orts jar.

It's the Tu Sal that Daffycat is hosting. Thank goodness I knit so that the yarn bits add a bit of body to the jar! From what I can tell, some throw out after they post, others add it to another jar. Me, I'll be keeping them all right here (for now) and just keep adding to it. Once the kitty hair and dust take over the orts, then I'll move it to the circular file.

On This Date In History

who are these children and why were they replaced with this old couple??

I SOOO can NOT be old enough to be married 25 years. People who celebrate their SILVER anniversary are old! Thankfully I was a child when I got married so I'm still young!

Even though today is our official wedding anniversary, I'm not really counting it as our celebration yet. We plan on going away to a B&B for a couple of days to relax and get away from the house and the kids. I am SOO looking forward to that!!!! We don't go for a few weeks, but I am SOO ready for the break.

I say anytime two people can stay married for 25 years and NOT kill each other is a reason to celebrate!


Susan said…
Happy Anniversary!! Congrats on 25 years of marriage! These days, that's quite a feat.

Dan and I were children when we got married too. Otherwise there's no way we could be old enough to have been married so many years.
SusieH said…
I've been reading in my GoogleReader feed lately, but HAD to come on over in person to say "Felicitations, congratulations, and AWESOME" to you. You guys were cute then, and BEAUTIFUL NOW. Happy, happy anniversary, and here's hoping the get-away will be lovely.
Dee said…
Happy anniversary you young kids!!!

Are you going to the same B&B you went to before?
Parsley said…
Good start on your TUSAL.

I think it's great to have so many years together! My hubs and I just celebrated 21 years in December and we are still smiling too :-)
Vivian said…
Happy anniversary! No, you don't look old enough to be married 25 years!
VCFibers said…
A very happy anniversary to you! You and your husband look as radiant today as you did 25 years ago! Seriously, you look great in that gold top! In this society 25 years is no small feat so I truly commend you.
Daffycat said…
A perfect ORT jar! Thanks for joining my SAL!

Happy anniversary! Super-huge congratulations!
Ruth said…
Happy Anniversary!

I'm right there with you -- working on 27 this year!
Sandie Knapp said…
Congratulations to you both, and those lovely children of 25 years ago are just as lovely, if not more so, today. You both look happy and radiant, and wonderful. :)
Chris said…
Happy Anniversary! 25 years - congrats!
Smily said…
I was in TUSAL with Yoyo since 2008 ans youhooouuu - I have found you!! I am with you!!

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