What works best??

After yesterday's fiasco of blown out socks, I decided to check when I made the current socks I have in the drawer to see the *shelf life* I can expect.

My Lorna's Laces

were made back in Feb 2007. They blew out Jan 2011. Almost 4 years, not too bad! Esp considering these have been my first pair that fit me perfectly. I have literally worn them to death. I would definitely make another pair out of this yarn. My only complaint is that they faded after only a few washings.

My Crystal Palace Maizy pair

made back in June 2008. Still going strong! I wear these a lot in the summer. My only complaint is the white didn't stay white on the bottom of the foot. They aren't as elastic as wool, but over all, would make another pair with this yarn too.

My Red Heart Heart and Soles

are coming along fine. I made them back in July 2008 and there are no thin spots and they have barely faded. Still fit good. I would use this yarn again.

NH Knitting Mama

Amanda is the independent dyer I got these from (her new shop name is Sunflower Yarns, go check her out!) and they are fantastic!! They are very soft and the colors are just as vibrant as the day I made them back in Sept of '08.

Now the Malabrigo socks

I made them 11/09 and they blew out 1/11. That's barely a year. VERY soft yarn, but I'm really disappointed with the longevity. The other two skeins I have in stash may be used for baby things. Soft yarn for projects that won't get the same wear and tear that I would give it.

Last pair in the drawer are my Paca Peds

Made these Feb 2009. They are doing fine, but they've felted a bit over time which means they no longer fit. They now belong to #1 Son.

The only other socks that I made for me were made with Cascade Fixation. These (picture taken with ME wearing them)

don't even fit Baby Girl!

However these

do. They have lasted a long time w/o wear spots, but they seem to keep shrinking with each wash. Won't use this anymore either. I can hear you now Dee!!!

Oh wait, there is one more pair.

I don't remember the brand, but they are an acrylic/nylon blend. Not an ideal sock yarn, but I only wear them during football season. Wearing fine actually, but they do seem to stay stained by the heel.

So there you have it. After two blow outs I have 3 pairs of socks in the drawer. (not counting the acrylic) The kids have more than me!! Guess that means I need to get cracking on my Jitterbugs!

So with all the brands out on the market these days, what have you found to be good or not worth the label their wrapped in?


SusieH said…
FOr me, it's the Regia lines, and pretty much all German mass-produced superwash sock yarns.

Just finished a pair from some charity shop wool/nylon mix. DOH, it's vintage so not superwash. These puppies felted a bit in the wash. Was able to block them back to size but will have to handwash, and that's just not my style!!
Dee said…
I agree with Susie. The Regias hold up really well.

I also think most of the cheaper sock yarns hold up well. But, most of my yarns have held up "okay".

I had a few that wore through quickly, but I can't remember what "brands" they were. :-(
Great post! I love to see how sock yarns hold up, seeing as I love knitting them so much!

(Thanks for the nice review, too!)

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