The best of intentions

I have a pile of books on my dresser to read. Books that I have bought abt a year ago that are just waiting for me to pick up and read. I also have a drawer full of magazines I've collected over the years that are just waiting to be read. So what did I get when I went to the library today??


I have such good intentions. In my mind I have all this time to lounge around and read. The same free time I can also use to stitch or knit or quilt. In my mind I get LOTS done. It's reality that messes me up.

However in reality I did get some projects worked on in Jan which meant I had some orts to add to my jar for TuSal this month so the jar did grow a bit. See?

I didn't empty it out from last month, just gonna let it keep filling up until the dust bunnies or fur balls take over.

I also have a finish to share, another kitty blanket.

This one is Kitty Blanket #3.
Date start: 1/22/11
Date end: 1/23/11

40sts on size 11 needle using 3 strands of various worsted weight yarn

Finished size: 14.5" x 18"

Yarn used up: 427yds/8.1oz

This one is the smallest I've done so far. Using the 3 strands of ww on size 11 was harder on my hands than I was expecting. I usually only use 2 with a 10 or 10.5. The worsted weight yarn is yarn I had left over from other projects that needed to be used up. Mostly Red Heart, but I think there was a Caron TLC thrown in as well. I changed out a strand for a new yarn every 10 rows so the colors blend a bit more. Overall I like it, but probably wouldn't do this particular combo again.

So there you have it, some progress in a normally chaotic schedule. I'm still working on a hat, a scarf and those jitterbug socks, but those are apparently on hold. I can't seem to find them.

And for those buried under 500ft of snow, here is a little something to look forward to.


Ziggyeor said…
Cute TUSAL and the picture looks lovely. I want some flowers blooming again.
Anonymous said…
I was at Lukas Nursery today and they had the prettiest color of dahlia. It was a burgundy and white combo.

Almost bought a flat, but couldn't figure out where I would put them. I may reconsider tomorrow.
Chris said…
Go, kitty blankets! I've knit a couple for shelters. Hmm. I wonder what acrylic I have on hand...
Oh we must visit the same dimension in our minds ... because I think I have all this free time to get stuff done too, LOL!! Thanks for sharing the flowers, its grey and cold here.
Daffycat said…
An awesome collection of ORTs!

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