Feline Fridays

We need to send some of this up north!


Anonymous said…
Yesterday, and at this very moment, I am wallowing in very bright sunshine, and coming through the window, it is extremely warming. Of course the weatherman had to spoil it all by telling us that by nightfall, there will be more snow, and to expect about 3-4" more. Oh well, it is February, after all. I will enjoy my sunshine while I have it, just the same. :)
Chris said…
We had sun today! Altho I see some snowflakes in the weekend's forecast, and then a low of -17F on Monday. eeep...

Oh, man, how perfect is that? My veri word is keens. No lie. :)
Karen said…
Awwww. :) K.C. says "Don't worry - even though my mommy says it's really really cold outside, there was sunshine today. I just perch on the dining room window sill and my black fur soaks it right up!!"
You can send the cat too ... looks snuggly :)
kathy b said…
I LOVE your feline fridays!!! I may start too!

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