How long do you think?

before I kill them??

I went to Lowe's on Friday to get something pretty for the front door. My yard is brown and the shrubs are dead so I wanted something pretty to look at when you came to the front door. And it had to be cheap since I have a black thumb.

Off to the clearance rack I went and found out that the mgr was having a massive sale to get rid of what was there. What was originally a buck was now a DIME!!!! That palm tree was marked down to a dollar. And the hanging plants were a quarter. After I picked up Baby Girl we went back and got more! So far so good. They are actually starting to bloom.

The crazy thing is the yellow flowers are the ones that aren't doing so well.

I paid full price for them.

To all my readers in the great white north (which seems to now start in North Carolina) I hope you all are staying safe and warm and that these pics give you hope that there will be a day when you can start planting your garden as well. Meanwhile you can live vicariously thru me.


Anonymous said…
Good luck --- looks like you bought some good stuff!
Karen said…
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I really needed to see a post like this. Now excuse me while I go chip my car out from the sheet of ice it is in.

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