Is it Finally My Turn???

We are down to one computer here at Happy Acres and I'm no so happy. I have to get all my computer time in while the kids are in school. Once they get home they need to get all their time in before the IO gets home because once that happens, NOBODY else gets on! This should be a good thing, a way to cut back on computer, but I've got crops to plant, blogs to read and posts to make!!

Hello, my name is Lynn and I'm a WWW-aholic.

Just add it to my other various addictions. So far they are all legal so I don't have to avoid the po-po.

So what have I been doing with all this *free* time? Not as much as you'd think. We had my in laws out this wknd and a friend of mine threw us a 25th anniversary party. We had a really nice time and got lots of incriminating shots. While this was the best one of us

I like this one the best!

It seems to capture our dynamic a bit better.

I've got my TuSal update coming up in a couple of days so I'll post my projects and my one finish then.

Meanwhile all those in the way of the massive storm (which should be all of you since it seems to be covering the entire US), stay safe and warm. I'll be sitting in my house with the windows and door open. Did I mention we'll be in the 60s and 70s the rest of the week???

THIS is why I live in Florida!


Anonymous said…
What happened to your computer?
Anonymous said…
O M G!! I am looking at your hubby, and am amazed to notice how much baby girl looks like her Daddy!!! Especially with that devilish look! LOL How nice that you celebrated together, since he could not join you at the B&B.

The snow has been coming down here most of the day, but very fine so not too deep. To be honest with you, I am hoping we are high enough to miss the freezing rain. I would much rather deal with a foot of snow than 1" of that crap. :)

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