Just in time for 80 degree weather

This is the forecast for the next week.

And this is what I finished on the 16th

It fits both Baby Girl and me

but we wont be needing it any time soon. It will go into the bin for next year. Baby Girl loves it so it will get used next year. When I started this hat, she wasn't too keen on it, but now that it's done, she really likes it.

Airy Hat
Dream in Color Smooshy Rose Smash
10/22/10 - 2/16/11

1.7oz used

Meanwhile gas is making its steady climb again. The cheapest I've seen here is $3.09, but I've seen it as high as $3.15 earlier today. How much are you paying?


kathy b said…
What a cute cute hat! on both of you
we won't be seeing a 7 day round these Chicago parts for 4 more months IF we are lucky....
Anonymous said…
Cute hat!

The last time I bought gas it was $3.02. That was Friday in Bithlo.

Today the Chevron was $3.17.

Anonymous said…
Love the hat, and love the name of that colorway too. As for the gas, I'm paying $3.29 for regular, so I'm not looking forward to it going any higher. :)
Zonda said…
Cool hat! I love the color. I also share hats with a certain teenager here! I think last gas was $3.10 or so :(
Vivian said…
We are talking about hitting $4 very soon :-( and this is a place you have to have a car to get around, since every place is far apart and the public transit is a joke.

Congratulations on all the good news, especially for the husband that would stand up for himself! I think that's the best part in all this.

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