Roller Coaster Saturday

Good news: The IO has gotten a contract to perm job.
Bad news: There was a drop in pay during the contract part.
IO reacting to bad news: He sent a *strongly worded letter* telling his contact what he thought of the contract company. The email is forwarded up the chain of command.
Good news: He ended up getting a dollar more an hour.
Bad news: There was a break from one job to another and we were w/o pay for almost 2weeks.

Overall news: We are surviving.

Good news: My 57 y/o sister finally sold her place in Ft Lauderdale and is now an official Central Florida resident. She has been here a month.
Bad news: She had a mild heart attack yesterday and my other sister and I spent the day with her in the hospital today.
Good news: She will be ok. It was a mild heart attack and there is only one blockage that is too small to stent.
Not sure what kind of news: She had a fight with her nurse today. While I'm thrilled she is fiesty enough to argue, I'm not sure it's the best thing to fight with the person who brings you medication.

Overall news: I need a xanax.

Again, this is why I knit. I almost finished the Jitterbug sock today. My hand was pretty cramped up, but I didn't kill anybody.

Meanwhile here is my lame attempt at the sky.

I SO wish I had a better camera. The moon was HUGE and ORANGE! Absolutely gorgeous.


Anonymous said…
Hope your sister will be okay. Anything with the heart is scary!
SusieH said…
Lynn, great resolution re the IO's job but EEK re your sister. Scary stuff indeed. Do try to find moments to breathe deep yourself...

Hugs to you!
Susan said…
Rollercoaster indeed. Take care of yourself.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to the IO. I'm sure it's a huge load of both your minds to know where the next check is coming from, and that it WILL be there.

Sorry about your sister, and very happy to hear she is recovering well. Arguing with the nurse is a sure sign of that. :)

Take care, and keep knitting. Sounds like you need it. :)
kathy b said…
Hang in there. Have the xanax...
As a nurse, we are used to patients being upset with us...part of the territory
as long as your sister wasnt loud or abusive....I do draw the line there no matter what the circumstance....
people get stressed when they are sick and vulnerable.

You deserve a is hard to be the support staff too!
stitcherw said…
That is a lot of goods and bads, sounds like the good won out though :)

Looking forward to seeing your Jitterbug sock. Your earlier snowman finish was adorable, it's amazing how much back stitching can make things pop.
Sue (yup, it's me, I know, I've been away ages).

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