Saturday Sky

We were in Africa today and saw an upside down tree, aka the Baobab.

The locals can probably figure out where we were, but for those that need a little more of a clue, here you go.

Still not sure?? How abt now?

Can't quite place it?? Last clue.

We haven't been as a family in 5 years. Sad considering we live less than an hour away. We have season passes now so Mickey will be making more of an appearance this coming year.....


Jennifer said…
Very cute post. You got me! Have fun going to Disney this year. I think it's a great idea.
Anonymous said…
Bet the kids are happy about that! Lots of rides this Summer, if it ever gets here? LOL

I hope you have days and days of fun and laughter. :)
Chris said…
Oh, have fun! I haven't been since I was 17... which was QUITE a while ago. :)

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