Saturday Stitching

It's been a bit cloudy the past couple of days so it was nice to finally get a day like today.

The cloud patterns were really cool today, too. The camera really couldn't capture it all.

Last night I was trying to figure out what to work on. I didn't feel like working on my hat (decreasing crown now), or my sock (starting the heel on sock #2), or a kitty blanket. So I decided to switch crafts. Out came the cross stitch.

But which one? I was *this close* to starting a new project when I came across my snowman.

All that was needed was the backstitching. But was I in the mood to backstitch?

Apparently I was! I started on the mitten last night because I wasn't sure if I was going to rip it out or not. I was really unhappy with the way it looked, but I know that backstitching can make a difference. It did and that kept me going. I finished it off today and am VERY happy this guy is done. Since we are on the back end of winter, I won't be framing it for this year, but it's ready to go for next year.

Here are the stats for this project.

Snowflakes are New Friends
Date Start: 12/08/07
Date End: 2/12/11
Total Project Time: 3yrs, 2 months (even though actual stitching time was more like a month)
Pattern: Stitcher's World magazine, don't know the year since I just saved the pattern. But I do know it was before 2007.
Fabric used: Millennium Blue 28ct linen
Modifications: I changed out the color of the mitten from dark blue to purple. I also left out the top border of the pattern. I already had a mitten and a scarf in the piece.

Did I mention that I'm so happy this is done? One less WIP in my cross stitch pile. I have 7 left now. Once my snowman was done, I was itching to work on something else, but what? Since I was still in the backstitching mode, I pulled out my Seasonal Fall and started on him. I figure I should strike while the desire to backstitch was hot.

I also found 2 more snowman fabrics that have been washed and added to my pile. I'm getting that urge to work on a quilt........


Anonymous said…
Go Lynn! Sounds like you are on a stitching roll!
Vivian said…
Beautiful sky picture! We are enjoying the last warm days here, rain coming next week.

I really like the picture of you and hubby with the cake knife. Yep, that's what 25 years looks like ;-)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! The snowman looks great. It's amazing what a difference the back stitching creates.

Love that cloud shot too. Neat formations for sure! :)

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