Sunday skies

arent any better than my Saturday skies so instead I'm going to post

On This Day In History

Feb 6, 2009

While the sun keeps playing tag with the clouds, I was able to get some shots of current projects.

My Airy hat.

Looks more like a volcano to me and if I hadn't see a finished project, I don't know if I would continue. I have a small bit of the ribbing to finish then I can start on the decreases.

Mistake Rib scarf

I had some Cashmerino yarn just sitting in the bin that I wanted to use for a scarf, but didn't have enough of one color to make one complete item so I decided to double the strands and change out one strand at a time. So far I've done two dark browns and have switched to a dark brown strand and brown strand.

Kitty Blanket #1

This is taking much longer than I expected but it's a nice mindless knit at night. I'm keeping the chocolate brown constant while I'm switching out the red and peach. So far so good.

Jitterbug sock - still MIA. I know it's around somewhere, probably buried under my attempts of organization. I finally removed my craft table from my living room which meant moving the contents of said table to a big bin and relocating it to my bedroom. It looks like a side car to the bed. Princess loves it. We also got another computer and the IO moved the desk from the living room to the office and set up shop in there. Now my living room looks a bit bare. Oh and as I was trying to organize stuff in the bedroom, I came across my snowman fabric for a snowball quilt I want to make. I'm trying to find the fabric for the I Spy quilt for #1 Son but that must be with the sock. So I did what any quilter would do. I washed the fabrics and they are sitting in yet another pile waiting to be ironed.

I'm beginning to think I have a problem........


Ziggyeor said…
Na no problem ;) I'm still missing my Page Maps book which I'm thinking I loaned to a friend. Then I can't find my Cross-stitch and Needlework magazine from Sept 2010 :(

I'm hoping a real good clean will turn them up but I don't see the motivation yet.

Good job with all your knits. I can't wait to see the hat.
Well rest assured that whatever problem it is that you think you have, you are not alone ... I suffer from the same problem!

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