Feline Fridays with some TU SAL along for the ride

Here's my ort jar for March

I'm thinking this will be dumped, cleaned and ready to go for the next 3 months. Not only is it dusty, but there is some kind of mysterious stickiness on the side of it.


No, I don't need any SPF. Now go away.....


Dee said…
That kitty needs a head rub badly. I can tell! LOL
Charles said…
I'm on a let's throw things out kick. I don't get that way often enough.
Life's a Stitch said…
LOL, I left that last comment while signed into my husband's account. It was really from me ;-)
Daffycat said…
That mystery sicky is when you snorted the coke out of your nose when reading my very funny blog posts...=P

A lovely TU update!

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