Playing in the Dirt

Remember these??

I finally planted the majority of them into the ground. I've been waiting because I wanted to see where I wanted to put them. Do they look good here? Or over there? Do I want to leave them in containers or put them directly into the ground? I was running out of time FAST since some of them were looking a bit ragged while others were growing thru the holes in the planter and thriving. Plant them I did! It was in the 60s this AM and after dropping off Baby Girl and Man/Child (aka #1 Son) I decided today was the day. Everything but one plant is in the ground and I'm not sure what I want to do with it. It requires a LOT of water and I'm not sure I want it in front of the column by my front door. I'll have to think abt that one.....

I'm just happy they're still alive.

Meanwhile gas is up to $3.49 here. Feh. I think I better start planting food. Soon it's gonna be too expensive to drive to the store.


Susan said…
Your beautiful flower pics make me want to cry! It's been so cold here that anything green and growing can only be found on old refrigerator leftovers.

Gas is stupidly expensive here too. Ours is measured in liters and I just did a quick google calculation and found out that we're paying quite a bit more for ours. Gas is highly taxed in Canada so that likely explains at least some of the difference. I think European gas prices are much higher so it could be worse.
Vivian said…
I love growing food in the garden, they taste so much better than even the farmer's market stuff, and it's so much fun to watch them grow.

I waited in a long line at Costco the other day for $3.69 gas. I see more of that coming :-(
Dee said…
Gas prices are driving me CRAZY! I almost hate going anywhere anymore.

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